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Malcolm has won awards for film, screenwriting and production with over fourteen years of experience. He has successfully been involved in the Direction and writing of two Feature Films and two Documentaries while producing a third Feature Film called ‘Lock in’. His first award winning feature film ‘Fractional’ is currently available on Google play, Itunes, xbox and other top streaming platforms as well as being broadcast on Time warner television in the united states. He has worked as a motion graphic artist and an editor on a documentary series for CBS. In addition to this he is capable of producing high quality professional motion graphic titles and animations as well as detailed artwork and design in house.

Director Malcolm Deegan may well become a talent to blossom onto the (Horror) scene in a big way in future.
— Uk horror scene

Mal has also produced motion graphics and promotional videos for a diverse array of clients including Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), Marine Freshwater and Research Centre (MFRC), Dundalk FC, and CBS (USA) to name but a few.


Malcolm has produced corporate videos and motion graphic content for Film TV and retail sectors. He has worked as an editor for CBS documentary series as well as a camera operator and editor. Below you will find a selection of Video Promotion materials, motion graphics and one sheets.

A sample of video production, Documentary and 3D logo work and promotional videos.

3D logo previews for retail, documentary and film.

A selection of 3d graphics produced for documentaries, retail and Video productions


A selection of graphics and Film and TV and retail designs. 


Should you require any more information then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Many thanks!

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Robert O' Rourke is a prisoner in his own world. He suffers in silence, plagued by visions he cannot control. Soon Robert awakens into a nightmare that is very real and will change him forever.


Lock in’ is a twisted and ambitious psychological horror from Award winning Writer/Director Malcolm Deegan. Having successfully released his debut feature film 'Fractional' on multiple VOD platforms as well as DVD and Bluray, Malcolm set about producing a follow up project.

Set the murky world of murder and deception it tells the story of Robert O’ Rourke, a recluse and amnesiac who lives the life of a hermit, constantly at odds with the world around him. With his mind as an unreliable guide, Robert sets out to reclaim his life. Soon he will awaken into a nightmare that is very real and will change him forever.

 Movie poster. A twisted psychological horror movie.

Movie poster. A twisted psychological horror movie.

‘We hope to be able to do this story justice’ says Writer/Director Malcolm ‘it’s a unique and diferent approach to a psychological horror that deserves to be told.' He continues ‘If you liked our last movie ’Fractional’ then you’re going to love this’. ‘It’s unique and very different and definitely not the conventional type of movie you see typically from Ireland. 

'Lock in' movie marketing poster one

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This is a psychological thriller that’s definitely worth a watch
— Bloody Disgusting
A smart and chilling psychological horror that keeps you rivited until the final shocking moments
— morbidly beautiful
One of the most tight, on the edge of your seat thrillers to come along in a long while
— Dread world
the acting from the three principles is tremendous
— Starburst Magazine


A psychiatrist, John Hatchett, wakes up tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse. Left with no food, water or chance of escape, John's only weapons are his mind and he must use them to full effect a man called David Crowe - a former patient who is not of a sound mental capacity... Not everything John Hatchett tells Crowe is as it seems. John has a past that he wishes to remain a secret... A secret David crowe is willing to do anything to reveal...

Fractional Official trailer

Official trailer of the Award winning psychological horror 'Fractional' Available now on DVD and Bluray.


Fractional on Rotten Tomatoes

Director Malcolm Deegan creates a disturbing but mastered villain
— Bleeding dead film review
A very satisfying mystery with a wonderfully twisted climax
— Film Threat
The end will make you yell wait! Give me five more minutes! It really is that good
— Rogue cinema
Had me on the edge of my seat, very suspenseful
— Adam Saunders Footprint features
plays with your psyche for a while even after the credits are done
— Cinema on the rocks
Brilliantly confined and claustrophobic
— Uk horror scene

Fractional DVD cover

FRACTIONAL’s strength lies in how powerful it conveys the suggestion of torture and horror without really going there; making it sort of an anomaly in horror, and a refreshing anomaly at that.
— Ain't it cool news

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