A dark piece centred around an enigmatic, yet strangely disturbed character called Lou bloom (Gyllenhaal) as he trawls the murky streets of LA crime journalism.  We are not quite sure which is darker, Bloom or the crimes that he videotapes. As a voyeur in this tense game we wonder exactly how far Bloom will go to get that killer 'story' and be successful. From his sunken, dark features to his intense stare we are drawn into the twisted world and mind of a sociopath. Enigmatic, determined with no empathy for humankind. He is more akin to a robot than man, not skilled in any form of social graces. In fact you might say that he hates people and they are obstacles to attaining his status and success. 

From moment one it kept me glued wondering exactly how far and what Bloom was willing to do to attain 'success'.