Fractional lands on YouTube!

Tied to a chair, alone, cold and without food or water, psychiatrist John Hatchett awakens in an abandoned warehouse. John’s only weapons are his mind and he must use them to full effect to outwit, David Crowe, a man who is not of sound mind and claims to be a former patient… John has a past that he wishes to remain a secret... A secret David Crowe is willing to do anything to reveal...

Some reviews of the movie:

'This is a psychological thriller that's definitely worth a watch' Bloody Disgusting
'An anomaly in Horror.. and a refreshing anomaly at that' Ain't it cool news
'A very satisfying mystery with a wonderfully twisted climax' Film Threat

Written & Directed by Malcolm Deegan

Produced by Malcolm Deegan & Peter Bergin

A Totality Pictures Production

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Malcolm Deegan

2-22 Iona Park, Dublin, Dublin