Annabelle creation: Director on making the movie


I've enjoyed watching David F Sandberg's movies since he posted his original short movie called 'Lights out' which got a lot of attention and notoriety. It was a clever short film with a nice jump scare ending to it*spoiler alert*. 


When Hollywood came knocking it was of course a natural decision to remake his short film as a feature length version upping the ante in terms of jump scares. For the most part it was an effective movie. Up next was the sequel to the annabelle movie series called Annabelle: creation.


Annabelle creation poster

Annabelle creation poster

Below are a series of short videos from the director of Annabelle creation which gives you an overview of what way he operates as a director etc. There five parts in all which you can access through each video.

Its taken from the perspective of a director who was used to being essentially a one man operation doing everything from camera operation to sound design - something I can most definitely relate to - and suddenly being thrown into making a movie with a big crew and what that entails. As a baptism of fire I would imagine, at first, it was quite difficult trying not to want to do everything yourself. So essentially you would have to 're-train' yourself to fall in line with the hollywood way of making movies. I'm sure there was a few teething problems in this he briefly touches on that in the interview with Film Riot which I will link to on the bottom.

Happy viewing!


If you enjoyed that you might like to watch an interview with the director that Film Riot did a while back talking about his experiences on the 'Lights out' feature film.